Web design portfolio

Deborah Pearce

Deborah Pearce is a successful hypnotherapist based in East Devon. We did a branding refresh exercise for her, with a brief to stick fairly closely to the previous colour-scheme and visual feel, but to update it and give it a lift.

We then went on to rebuild her old fixed-layout site from the ground up, working together on content strategy, form and function, developing a clean yet visually engaging design style. We designed and coded a fully responsive web site, with our own Content Management System to serve specific parts of the site that Debbie wanted control over.

It’s fully optimised and hosted on our fast SSD servers and takes advantage of our included SSL certificate and is served over a secure connection.

Footprint Ecology

We carried out a brand update and website rebuild project for Footprint Ecology, a team of professional ecological consultants based in Dorset, UK. Taking their old logo and brand colours we developed a new design that took original concept and enhanced its visual apeal and infused new life and resonance. We also developed the house style in terms of fonts and document templates, business cards and stationery.

Along with that we worked with Footprint to reorganise their website architecture and content, which is fairly extensive in scope, and to develop a rich site that showcases some of the fabulous photographs of the natural world that they have in their archive. The site is optimised and fully responsive.

Custom integration with Zotero

We built the new site on our Content Management System and for this project we also developed a bespoke set of features at their request which integrates the Zotero document management system that they use to manage their extensive library of ecological publications.

This allows exporting and uploading publications from Zotero into the website CMS, while maintaining consistency across data sets, making the process much more speedy and efficient for them.

AVP London

The Alternatives to Violence Project London is part of a national charity organisation that provides training workshops for people who want to manage anger and conflict and improve relationships.

The requirement was for a responsive website that would perform well on mobile devices and which allowed for some content management; principally managing workshop dates and links to other organisations working in their sector.

The organisation had an old website which had outlived its usefulness, and so we put together a plan to update the content and structure, and to give the visual design a major overhaul, while working with the existing branding. The client had some great photo resources, so we employed those, allowing them to put across organisation’s work visually. We also created a simple, uncluttered, tailored CMS whereby the course dates and information can be managed, along with other data on the site such as links, policies, and meta-tag information.

The result is an easy to manage, bright, bold, friendly website that is fast-loading and can be viewed and used on any device.

Sharon Dyke Hypnotherapy

Sharon Dyke is an established, successful Hypnotherapist and Trainer based in Taunton in the UK. Sharon came to us on recommendation when she wanted to revive and update her online presence and take more control over her website.

After working out improvements to structure and content, we completely rebuilt her website from the ground up, working with her existing branding, but stepping up the visual design value, standard of coding, and search optimisation. We left behind her old fixed layout site, and created a fully responsive website that looks great and works on all devices.

Inline image editing in our custom CMS

One requirement for this site was to have better, simpler control over editing, so in the custom tailored CMS for this site, we implemented inline editing whereby any block of content can be edited directly in the web page in the browser, once you are logged in to the site as an administrator. There’s no bloat, nothing complicated, just click to activate a block, edit, save, done.

Clifton Down Hypnotherapy

The client came to us to help launch a new hypnotherapy practice. As well as assisting with audio recording and production, we carried out a branding exercise, creating print assets and then ground-up web design using the brand style. The website design brief was to be simple and clean and concise in terms of function and presentation, and this has been realised to the full satisfaction of the client.

There’s also a custom, tailored CMS back-end which allows the client to add testimonial and blog entries with simple, intuitive tools. In short, the site does exactly what it’s required to do, without compromise.


Therapists Marketing Solutions had a series of websites based on ‘DIY’ site builder type accounts, but these were not longer fit for purpose. We recognised that the business needed to consolidate its web presence and avoid duplicate content across domains.

We worked with the client to establish the business priorities and designed a new site which structured these successfully, bringing their main offerings much more to the fore, vastly improving performance and presentation. We moved things forward from the old static layouts into a fully responsive design system and provided a custom CMS system. We handled all of the domain issues and also host the site.

Derekk Ross

Derekk is a passionate and inventive theatre director of more than forty stage productions, including classical and contemporary plays and musicals. He came to us as he needed a simple yet stylish web presence in order to showcase his talents and his work. We developed a sense of brand that captured his style and worked with his resources, and made a beautifully simple and responsive site, featuring some great photography from various productions.

New site or redesign needed?

The case studies above show a small selection of the web projects we’ve undertaken. If you have a new project that needs a website or if your existing website is no longer serving your needs, then talk to us about how we can help. Our sites are coded to a very high standard and, are optimised and fully responsive and we can provide bespoke content management systems and hosting as well.

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