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We regularly help Hypnotherapists, both students and professionally trained practitioners, to record hypnotherapy scripts for use with their course work and their clients. When training, students often need to produce audio CDs as part of their studies to help refine and demonstrate their techniques. These recordings need to sound professional for examiners and if done properly can also be used with clients during training and beyond.

Professionally-trained practitioners realise that providing recorded materials to their clients can be very beneficial to their practice. They create primers and reinforcement CDs for particular issues such as addictions, weight-loss and self-confidence, as well as for general relaxation. These CDs can help their clients to better outcomes by helping familiarise clients with the therapist's own voice, and by providing reinforcement between sessions.

Music for hypnotherapy and meditation CDs

We have created some meditative royalty-free music specifically designed to be used as backing tracks for hypnotherapy scripts which you can purchase to use in your recording and with your clients, or you can source and bring your own music if you prefer. Do note that commercial music releases you may have and want to use are almost definitely not licensed for the purpose, meaning you cannot legally use them in that way. In contrast our one-off fee license is very generous and is specifically designed to allow you to use the music in the ways that we expect you will want to (i.e. recorded into the background of the CD to play, give or sell to your clients) without worry of falling foul of any licensing rules or having to pay further fees to collecting agencies and so on.

You can listen to samples of the tracks below and purchase licences using the ADD TO CART buttons provided. Payments can be made with a credit or debit card and will be processed by PayPal and CDs will be posted out to you. The royalty free license fee for each these tracks (which are over an hour long) is currently just £30.

Purchase 'Breathing space' music for hypnosis and meditation

Breathing space

FORMAT: CD RUN TIME: Over 1 hour
PRICE: £30 inc VAT (£2p&p)

Purchase 'Expanse of time' music for hypnosis and meditation

Expanse of time

FORMAT: CD RUN TIME: Over 1 hour
PRICE: £30 inc VAT (£2p&p)

Purchase 'Over the ocean' music for hypnosis and meditation

Over the ocean

FORMAT: CD RUN TIME: Over 1 hour
PRICE: £30 inc VAT (£2p&p)

Purchase 'Infinite moment' music for hypnosis and meditation

Infinite moment

FORMAT: CD RUN TIME: Over 1 hour
PRICE: £30 inc VAT (£2p&p)

Artwork design for your Hypnotherapy CD

If you are getting copies of your CD manufactured for sale or to give to your clients, you'll want a professional design for the CD that the printer can use. We design regularly for this purpose. Don't worry if you're not sure about how to go about this, we can help advise you about where to get the duplication done, what packaging options there are, and design the various elements you need, etc. Just ask us about it and we'll sort you out no problem.


A typical recording session for a Hypnotherapy script

A typical script of around thirty minutes' length will usually take an hour or so to record, and some editing and production work will be needing following recording, so the minimum two hour session is usually booked for a single script recording. Of course if you have more material a longer session can be booked, no problem. You just need to bring along a printed version of your script and read it through (either to a suitable backing track or not, as you prefer) and your reading will be professionally recorded. There's no pressure and you can stop and restart as you need during recording; the final recording will be edited together seamlessly.

After you have recorded your script

Once you've recorded there's no need to wait around; work on the editing and production will normally be done after the session. You will be sent a reference MP3 file by email as soon as possible for your approval and then the master audio CD and any copies will be posted to you as soon as the mix is approved.

Payment and release of materials

The master audio CD will be released to you once payment is made and you can pay by card, cash or cheque on the day or by card / BACS over the internet later. If you prefer to wait for the reference MP3 excerpt first, we will send on the full length audio master disc to you once your payment is received. Along with the master recording we will normally also provide a reference play-copy for you and MP3 version by request. You should keep the original CD master safe and make all subsequent copies from it, rather than making copies from copies.

Tips for preparing your script and yourself

  • Print out your script in advance and if possible please bring a reference copy for the engineer.
  • Use a simple and clear typeface at a point size that is large enough for you to read comfortably at a distance of about 50cm.
  • Arrange the text on the pages so that the last sentence on a given page finishes on that page and does not break across to the next - it doesn't matter how many pages you use to set it out, as long as you don't have to change pages midway through speaking a line.
  • For best results rehearse your finalised script in advance, and warm up your voice gently before the session.
  • Try to avoid eating right before a session as digestion gurgles will be extraneous to requirement in the recordings!
  • In terms of clothing avoid anything rustly or jangly, etc - all you want is your voice on the recording.

Rates & Bookings

Standard recording and production rate is £40+VAT p/h but if you are a CPHT student please enquire for possible discounted rates. We can book sessions most weekdays between 10am and finishing 6pm, subject to availability. Morning sessions usually run from 10am and afternoon sessions from 2pm. The cost of your session will include the provision of your master audio CD which you will use for having copies dupicated, and an MP3 version which you can distribute electronically. Bookings need to be made in advance. Please contact us to enquire about dates and times that would suit you. If you are intending to make a booking, please read the policy notes here prior to your first session, thanks.