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Hypnotherapy script recording

We regularly help hypnotherapists, both students and qualified practitioners, to professionally record hypnotherapy scripts for use with their course work and clients. We have many years of experience helping therapists to self-record their scripts, and we know how to help you get the very best from your session.

Professional recordings

Recordings help familiarise your clients with your voice and enhance therapy effectiveness between sessions. And of course, high quality recordings, professionally edited and produced, are essential both for your listeners and for the reputation of your practice.

Artwork, music and more

There's plenty more information further down this page, about royalty-free music, artwork for your CD/MP3, session costs, special deal bundle for students, and tips on preparing for your recording session. Or if you're ready to go, then just book in!

Royalty-free hypnotherapy music

We have created some original, meditative, royalty-free music tracks, designed specifically for use with hypnotherapy scripts. Each track runs for over an hour, and the cost is just £25 per CD, for the music and lifetime, royalty-free licence.

Preview and purchase

You can preview and order the music tracks below. Just click the + button to add a CD to your cart, then click any green cart button to checkout or scroll down below the previews for another checkout button. If you only want an MP3 (£20) and not the physical CD (£25), then please submit a contact form and we can sort that out with you directly. If you're a hypnotherapy student, be sure to check out our student deal bundle.

Breathing space

Breathing space

PRICE: £25. Free shipping.

Featuring an in-out breath stereo effect to encourage a slower, restful heart-rate in the listener. Ideal for deep relaxation sessions.

Expanse of Time

Expanse of Time

PRICE: £25. Free shipping.

A gentle sense of rhythm and movement, supporting scripts that encourage the listener to take positive action.

Over the ocean

Over the ocean

PRICE: £25. Free shipping.

A sense of floating or flying lazily over the ocean, taking in the expanse of the horizon. Ideal for guided journeys and visualisations.

Infinite moment

Infinite moment

PRICE: £25. Free shipping.

A slow, gentle, piano motif that flows and echoes, calming and uplifting the listener and facilitating imaginative journeys.


Hypnotherapy music licence

The lifetime licence allows for the music to be recorded into the background of your hypnotherapy script recording which you will give or sell to your clients, and to be played as standalone music in your private treatment rooms during sessions, so you don't have to worry about falling foul of any music licensing rules or having to pay any further fees to collecting agencies such as the PRS.

Hypnotherapy CD design

If you are having physical copies of your CD made up for sale or to give to your clients, you'll want a professional design for the CD that the duplication company can use. We design regularly for this purpose.

The costs vary depending on the brief, but for on-body CD design only, you can often get your artwork designed for as little as £50 - £100. You get print-ready artwork set up to the CD duplicator's template, so your CD duplication job is ready to go.

Don't worry if you're not sure how to go about this, we can discuss a brief with you, explain what packaging options there are, and design the various elements you need. We can also set you up with the duplication company so you don't have to do anything technical at all.

Below are some examples of CD face artwork, some simple, some more involved. Each design is unique for each client of course.

How much does it cost to record?

The standard rate for recording is £50 per hour and there is a minimum three-hour charge for a recording session. The rate for editing & production is also £50 per hour. As a guide, a typical thirty minute script will take around two hours to record, sometimes a little more and two to three hours following the session to edit and produce your mix and master audio CD. It does vary depending on the reader and script though. We will work swiftly of course, and we usually spend more time that we charge for on your project, because we like things to be as perfect as possible for you!

But hold on! Are you a hypnotherapy student?

We are currently offering a special deal bundle for hypnotherapy students that includes your recording and editing cost, a royalty free backing track for use on the CD and with your clients, and original artwork design for the face of your CD. Check it out below!

Special deal bundle for students

Special deal bundle for students

If you are currently studying hypnotherapy and need to get your hypnotherapy CD recorded, you need some royalty-free backing music for the CD and you need some simple design work done for the face of the disc, then this deal is for you:

Recording session for your script £150
Two hours of editing and production time £100
A lifetime licence for one of our backing tracks £25
One hour of design time for your CD artwork £50
Regular price £325
SAVE £55

Recording your hypnotherapy script

A script of around thirty minutes' length will typically take around two hours to record and you only need to be around for that part. Some additional time for editing and production work will be needed following recording. Of course if you have more material to record, a longer session can be booked, no problem.

You just need to bring along a printed version of your script and read it through (either to a suitable backing track or not, as you prefer) and your reading will be professionally recorded. There's no pressure and you can stop and restart as you need during recording; the final recording will be edited together seamlessly.

After the recording

Once you've recorded there's no need to wait around; work on the editing and production will be done after the session. Following payment, you will be sent a reference MP3 file for your approval, by email, and then the master audio CD will be created and posted out to following that. The master audio CD is what you need for getting your copies made up. If you want help with that, we can set up the duplication job for you, no problem.

Payment and release of materials

The master audio CD will be released to you once payment is made and you can pay by card or cash on the day or by card / BACS over the internet later. If you prefer to wait for the reference MP3 excerpt first, we will send on the full length audio master disc to you once your payment is received. You should keep the original CD master safe and make all subsequent copies from it, rather than making copies from copies.

Tips for preparing your script and yourself

  1. Either read from your own fanless tablet (ideal) or print out your script in advance and if possible please email or bring a reference copy for the engineer.
  2. Use a simple and clear typeface at a point size that is large enough for you to read comfortably at a distance of about 50cm.
  3. Arrange the text on the pages so that the last sentence on a given page finishes on that page and does not break across to the next - it doesn't matter how many pages you use to set it out, as long as you don't have to change pages midway through speaking a line.
  4. For best results rehearse your finalised script in advance, and warm up your voice gently before the session.
  5. Try to make sure you've eaten before the session as empty tummy rumbles will be extraneous to requirement in the recordings.
  6. In terms of clothing and jewellery, you'll need to wear over-ear headphones and avoid anything rustly or jangly - all you want is your voice on the recording.