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Please note that while we try to keep our own website information up to date, we are usually very busy doing stuff for other people! This means that sometimes our information gets a little out of date.

Therefore we have to state here that we are not bound by any prices, rates, descriptions, feature-lists, offers, or any information mentioned on this site in any way, and you should contact us and check first before making any critical assumptions based on the content of this site.

That said, we hope you understand that we are just covering ourselves here, and that the information presented is done so in good faith and we try to keep it accurate and true and up to date at all times..


Please note that all material in and connected to this site including but not limited to audio, visual, textual, intellectual property is subject to copyright and you don't have the right to reproduce or use it in any way without the express permission of the author(s). In cases where materials are free to download and use/distribute this will be clearly stated in the appropriate part of the website.



With regard to recording here it should be noted that the studio is in a residential setting so we say to people at the outset is that it is not fully isolated from the outside world, and therefore we cannot guarantee that there would not be the occasional sonic intrusion, which is another reason we offer competitive rates for recording. However, it's very quiet around here and this kind of issue is rare and we have obviously taken steps to sound-insulate the facilities. If there was any interruption during a session it would most likely just mean a retake of a part, so if you are ok about that possibility then we should be fine. If unusual circumstances beyond our control mean that a session is significantly interrupted and in worst case needed to be postponed, then we would rebook the session for another time with you that is suitable to both parties. We cannot be held responsible for any costs or other damages by any party for any reason whatsoever.


Standard rates are: Standard recording and audio production rate is 40 + VAT p/h. There is a 4hr minimum charge for a recording session. Any lower rates or deals that may be offered or advertised from time to time are offered and withdrawn solely at our discretion.


Recordings and other materials generated by darkHouse Multimedia remain the property of darkHouse Multimedia until full payment is made by the client. We are under no obligation to release any recordings or other materials to the client until full payment is made.

The above are obvious and standard points but we need to make them for sake of clarity. Please rest assured though that we aim to work with you in the most friendly and co-operative we that we can!