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Please have a look through this page for anything else that is not covered elsewhere in the site...

Session Vocalists

vocalists wanted We have some projects, ongoing, that require songs and music in lots of different styles. If you can sing to a high standard and are willing to work on-spec then do get in touch. On-spec? Basically it means you (and we) do the work and you (and we) get paid if the track is accepted by the client. We work on the song (ususally here but if you are able to record to a high standard at your own location there are ways we could work remotely too) and the mix is submitted to the client. We may be asked to rework music and vocals sometimes so you need to be up for that. If the track is finally accepted (this process can take a while) you will get paid. How much? Well, it depends. It won't be a huge amount though, but it could be reasonably regular if you can do it well and your voice suits the briefs that come in. Basically at this point, if you are interested in the idea, and you can demonstrate your vocal talent, then get in touch and we can talk more about it. Things to do:

  • Email info@darkhousemultimedia.com
  • Give a brief intro about who you are, where you are, your experience as a singer, the styles you are good at, etc
  • Include some links to your myspace/youtube/etc page where there are some examples of your work
  • If you need to send files because you have nothing online, please make contact first, or limit it to one MP3 file under 5mb please!

Please also be realistic about your abilities - ok we are not able to offer up-front session rates but these projects are for a respected commercial client, and you do need to be able to sing to a high standard. Also we might not have anything suitable for you for some time, so please don't be put off if that is the case.

Work Experience

Unfortunately, due to the boutique (small scale nature) of the business, we are not able to offer work placements to students. If you have relevant skills and want to get in touch anyway from a networking point of view, then that's fine. We have a Facebook profile and a (rather old and neglected) Myspace page too if you fancy that.