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When your final mix is ready, whether music, speech or other sound design work, if you are aiming for professional replication and or broadcast you will need a properly prepared master. Mastering generally involves final equalisation, compression / expansion and levels in terms of the final sound, and then authoring a proper digital master file containing all the audio and meta data (including ISRC codes if you have them) required by the pressing plant to produce the final product correctly.

Digital Audio Production and Red Book Mastering onto CD-R

We offer mastering to CD only (not to tape etc), and typically to amateur / semi-pro band or artist who wants a decent sound for their self-released / indie label record. If you need to spend thousands of pounds at a top mastering house because you are pressing a million units and your record is going to immediately go platinum then go for it. But if you are pressing a few hundred CDs to sell at gigs or to upload to iTunes, then we can probably help you get things into good shape for a lot less. If you would like to hear some samples, try the Sound Examples page as a starting point.

When it comes to mastering we try to keep things simple and aim for quality, always looking to bring the best out of what you have created. Digital production tools can offer tremdous scope when it comes to audio processing, but there is no substitute for a great performance that has been recorded well. Mastering should be thought of as the icing on the cake - it is not a cure for a bad recording, poor mix or performance. If something is wrong at that level, it may need to be addressed at that level. If things have gone well up to this point, there should not be too much work to do at the mastering stage. Regardless of the final mix and the tools at your disposal you need good ears and some experience to get the best results from your work.


Standard mastering rate is £35 per hour + VAT. Lower rates may be available for unsigned artists. Deals may be negotiable for larger or longer-term projects. Drop us a line talk about it if you are interested in having mastering done here.

Sending Files

If you want to send us a file for a no-obligation assessment for mastering you can send us a CD or data file through the post or we can arrange FTP transfer with you over the internet. Just Drop us a line to make arrangements.